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Started by airflamesred, September 23, 2010, 03:46:38 pm

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Hello Folks
I can't for the life of me get any specularity on an obj via the mat shader. Obviously I would like to load a map at some point (do I need to, for an effect to show?)
Works great putting a reflective shader after the mat but leaves me with an all over spec as oposed to local.

thanks in advance



hmm, I am not sure what you are trying to do. So first of all, there is no Mat Shader in TG2. Do you mean the default shader(s) in the internal network of objects?

In this, you can indeed set the object part's (!) specularity. This specularity is "global" for this object part. You can furthermore modify this specularity with a reflectivity image or function, and reflectivity roughness image or function.

Hope this helps, but I'm afraid you may have meant something else all along.



Thanks Frank
Yes I meant the default shader that is generated on object import.
So I then set the spec roughness to a value (went from 1 to 33000) for test purposes and don't get any spec/gloss at all. I would like to load a jpeg for this, which I suspect be along the lines of an invert to the bump map. I havn't made them yet because I'm not sure about the levels. I'v no doubt TG can deal with them its just getting my head around it.
Hopefully this clarifys.


What if you blend the reflective shader (under the default as child of empty surface layer) by an image map shader set to UV?

Volker Harun

The higher the Spec roughness, the less you will see the gloss.

Kevin F

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Volker has it. The specular roughness value must be low  - lower = less rough i.e. smooth and shiny.


Thanks folks
So I leave the roughness at 0.2 and feed the greyscale map in and all should be well? I''lltry that later

Dune - thats another idea I shall look at.

Does it make any difference between using TGD or the free edition?


Quote from: airflamesred on September 24, 2010, 07:25:25 am
Does it make any difference between using TGD or the free edition?

Works fine with the free version. Weird


As already pointed out, the rougher, the less noticeable the reflection. For "perfect" glossy you need roughness of zero.

Next of course the reflective strength, not much to talk here.

Third you need to take care of fresnel. Many metals have a high value here, 10 to 20. With the default of 1.5 you will see reflections mostly on glancing angles.