All of my TG2 Save Files

Started by MeltingIce, December 22, 2006, 08:48:58 PM

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I try to keep this updated as I make new renders.  If you ever wonder how I did something, you can download my scene file in the downloads section of my website here:

Just click on "Terragen 2 Files" and then on the "scenes" folder.  ;)

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Very generous contribution! :)

- Oshyan


great renders....

also i had never used the photomerge function of CS2... i think i shall from now on..

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Thanks for the help. Fantastic images!!! :o

Tim O'Donoghue


I rendered a modified version of one of your TGD files (thanks!) - It's posted here:

I'm curious about the circular areas that show up mainly in the foreground on the right. At first I thought there wer extra lights in the scene, but I couldn't find any. Is it possible they are remnants of your fractal terrain?  Cool effect in any case. 8-)


Yea I noticed that in my render as well except they weren't as pronounced because my render was much brighter.  It looks like part of the fractal to me.  If I can remember correctly, I think I messed around with the fractal settings some and so thats probably why you see those lines in there.  Nice job with the render  ;)

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I've noticed that I get something similar when I use a powerfractal shader for something or another.  Never figured out why though - have to do a bit of experimentation


generous indeed, thanks for sharing.


Yes, thank you very much!

Very helpful indeed.