Terragen 2.2 now available

Started by Matt, November 27, 2010, 04:15:54 am

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Terragen v2.2 is now available as a free update for all purchasers of Terragen 2!

PLEASE NOTE: The Mac release is a Public Beta and may not be suitable for production use. The user interface has changed to use Cocoa and we want to test it with a large audience before making a final release. Please report any bugs or unusual behaviour you come across.

Windows users: This is a recommended update for all purchasers of Terragen 2 on Windows.

Check out our release page for more information:


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Thanks!  What a nice way to begin exploring TG2 again.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Thanks for all the hard work guys.
This is a awesome update.

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I've never seen a release page like this for past releases, it's a nice idea. With the images alongside the description it helps to see what the features actually do.


Thanks Reck, we'll be doing this (and more) moving forward.

- Oshyan


This is an awesome update!

I'll see what what scene I can muster up next lol.
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Quote from: reck on November 27, 2010, 06:29:58 pm
I've never seen a release page like this for past releases, it's a nice idea. With the images alongside the description it helps to see what the features actually do.

And it looks more professional , very nice :)

Looks like a good update !


Awesome update !  :)
Many thanks to your staff and for the hard work!!!
There are many improvements which make my heart lucky :)
Render Atmosphere is the right improvement for nice god rays without noise.

Thank you a lot !



In the changelog for the renderer improvements, it says:

QuoteMotion blur length, shutter offset and depth of field parameters (alpha builds only) have been moved to a new tab labeled Blur.

Does this only applies to the animation version of TG2? Because I'm not seeing it the standard version.
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Nevermind, it says alpha build only ><
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QuoteThe 2.2 release is available free of charge for licensed users of Terragen 2 as of Friday, November 26th, 2010. If you are a licensed user, please use the built-in Check For Update feature to access the new version.

What if you work offline?

And by the way, is this public update more advanced than the alpha Sorry to say, but I haven't logged in to the project tracker for 2 weeks, so I've missed your call for testing.



If you work offline you can request a download link, which will be sent to your registered email address after your license details are verified.

There are no significant differences from that alpha version.

- Oshyan



Thanks for this early X-mas present!


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When I click on "Check for updates" it says there are none available. I'd really like to see what the new interface looks like since I have long thought it needed improvement. How may KI obtain the upgrade?