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Create 360 degree Panoramas
« on: November 29, 2010, 02:39:18 PM »
With a simple techniques we can create 360 degree panoramas,
make use of terragen classic as an experimental way of took pictures for a 360 degree panorama.
The example I show here prioritizing techniques cube with 6 sides of the picture, deliberately did not use the rendering of high quality and beautiful designs for the terrain.
FLA file format that I got from visicam by Harald Kotte Hochdahler Str 205-40724 Hilden-Germany, indeed very simple and easy to develop.

You who are interested can download this example via the link below.

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Re: Create 360 degree Panoramas
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2010, 07:28:59 AM »
    Actually there are several methods to create 360 degree panoramas of them are:

  • 1. sphere method.
     2. cylindrical metoda.
     3. cube method

And we will discuss here is the method of the cube, because this is the simplest method that only priority took  pictures technique, without stitching the pictures.

  That means after you finish getting 6 units images ,front-rear,right-left and top- bottom,is half the work have completed.
The next is the process of formation of 6 images had become a cube using software from Adobe Flash player.

  Unlike if you use the sphere method, after you have pictures from your camera should be stitched first 4 parts of images into 1 image intact with no visible connection or edge overlapping images.
It would be difficult to doing it need a high accuracy.

   Or if you use the cylindrical method, you need a minimum of 8 images which are connected to each other as in the sphere but this method can not swivel 360 degrees and can only be 180 degrees like when you stand in the middle of the tube and the tube in your round to the left and to the Right.

Of all the considerations that I chose the cube method to be discussed here.

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Begin took object 360 panorama
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2010, 12:13:35 AM »
  At this opportunity I will explain how where I took this picture using terragen classic for example that I created.
This is the first part in step 360 panoramic cube creation.
After sure the terrain design that we created for object panoramas, it's time the shooting began.

Preparation for a basic camera settings  needed is:

1.setting zoom on the value of 0.99 (this is very important to ensure the accuracy images on the corners of the cube to be seen without a connection)
2.Setting camera position with the right in the middle of the object.
3.setting camera from the surface of the level terrain.
4.setting in Terrain mode Terrain units.
5.setting height of the camera's focus  parallel to the height of camera from surface terrain.

In the example that I created.
I deliberately use the broad terrain 257 X 257 to give a clear idea of the camera position.

below is the camera position for each shot.

1.Front image,camera position : x,128   y,128  z(alt),20
                 Target position    :  x,128  y,256  z,(alt)20

2.Right image,camera position : x,128  y,128  z,(alt)20
                 Target position    :  x,256  y,128  z,(alt)20

3.Rear image,camera position : x,128  y,128  z,(alt)20
                 Target position    : x,128  y,0  z,(alt)20

4.Left image,camera position : x,128  y,128  z,(alt)20
               Target position    :  x,0  y,128  z,(alt)20

5.Bottom image,camera position : x,128  y,128  z,(alt)20
                   Target position    :  x,128  y,128  z,(alt)0

6.Top image,camera position : x,128 y,128 z,(alt)20
               Target position    :  x,128  y,128  z,(alt)148

 After 6 pictures on the rendering you can see and try connecting to each other using image editor applications like CORREL photo paint   or photo shop can also be the other.
To ensure that you take the picture is perfect.