Create 360 degree Panoramas

Started by arkacaraka, November 29, 2010, 08:22:00 pm

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Create 360 degree Panoramas

  I have a technique for those who want to make a 360 degree panorama.
You must already know how a panoramic view can be rotated up to 360 degrees, this is good because it can display on your site or blog and visitors can control it interactively.
This panorama files in SWF format.

   With this technique you will easily make it yourself using terragen classic as an object panorama.
Actually, the basic principle of this technique is very simple, first we take a picture of the six directions, front, rear, left, right and up, bottom.
Then the six images that we form a cube wall and the point of view in the center of the cube.
It's very easy to do in terragen clssic.
Below I include examples of 360 degree panoramas in the format. SWF and HTML for the loads in the browser.

]Download files below]]Download files below[/url]


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dhavalmistry ,What do you mean about the spam .....



I checked this out and don't think it's spam or anything. The download seems to be legitimate.

arkacaraka, don't be too offended, people are just suspicious of downloads on forums.




   After some of you download 360 panoramic example, in zip format that contains a swf, java script and html.
I will explain in detail how to create a panorama that.
But first you need to know why there is a java script in the package that you downloaded data.
This does not have any bad intention because it was in need as Run active content, for any browser that can display .
Another requirement is a browser there should have been installed Flash Player V.9.0 or greater.
Another requirement is a browser there should have been installed Flash Player V.9.0 or greater.

   Well, we went straight into the subject I will write everything I know relating to the 360 degree panorama on terragen classic discussion forums, 360 degree panorama.

Thank's to all


dhavalmistry: Well, thank's! you are gentelman.