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Started by darfid, December 23, 2006, 12:32:48 AM

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first of all i'd like to say hi to everyone and say marry xmas to all and secondly i have just a quick ? and i am quessing it might start a few arguements but being new to Terragan and seeing some of the problems people seem to be having with  t2 do i learn t9 first and then move on to t2 or just dive in and start with t2
any advise   


I would start with the trial demo of terragen v0.93.4 just to get a feel with rendering since it has a easier layout and get a feel with DEM's which make up the terrain if you want real landscapes..

Though it is hard to compare terragen .93.4 with terragen 2 because they have different layouts and terragen 2 can do far better rendering...  Terragen 2 learning curve is quite steep. but once you learn how to add trees, change object altitude, and shaders. it only gets better, and easier as you know where everything is..

BTW if you want to start with tg2 i'd go to the shared part of this forum and get some of the files there just for a feel of how everything works.. what a node is etc etc

just my two cents

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I may be biased, but I wouldn't really bother with TG 0.9 at this point. There is very, very little 0.9 can do that TG2 can't, and lots TG2 can do that 0.9 never will. The documentation for TG2 is already better than TG 0.9 and although it's more complex and some might say the UI is a bit more difficult, the documentation works pretty well to get you started.

So with that in mind I recommend starting with TG2 and going straight to the Documentation forum and reading it in order. When you have questions come and post here in the discussion forums, and if you have problems post in Support. You'll probably have the hang of it quicker than you think. :)

- Oshyan


I thought the UI was a bit more difficult at first. However, the sheer amount of documentation already appearing (well, and various information posted in threads) quickly put an end to that. For some reason, I just had a really hard time learning TG v.9 and couldn't ever figure out a number of aspects. (for some reason I never could get texturing/coloring down; no amount of documentation could help me... I certainly felt stupid.  ;D )

I've learned more about T2D in the past week than I ever did in a few months of on and off again using of the previous version. I am also doing much more complex scenes than I ever was able to. I would definitely recommend going straight to T2 and just be serious about reading up on things. (if you don't, I could see jumping into T2 as being really daunting)


I was using v9 on one Mac and TG2 on the other, side by side on my desk here, and it was fun to see the differences.
I found that TG2 is now getting easier for me, thanks to all the wonderful help, tutorials, and documentation. The Quick Start was really great for me, as I am a beginner.
I am going to take a beginner class too sometime this winter after I get some more practise.  This TG2 is just amazing!  And I am finding that I am catching on to the basics quickly, so dont plan to use v9 really too much more.