Feature Request: Intelligent Numeric Entry Input

Started by Cyber-Angel, December 23, 2006, 12:55:35 AM

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Ok I was working with the surface colours today on a test image, and had this idea.

In the Preview there is the Cartesian coordinate system plus slope, these values change as you move your mouse over the terrain. What I would like is when your are working with you're surfacing in the Altitude and Slope-tabs is to tie the numeric entry boxes into the mouse system.

For example you would like to set the Maximum Slope Value, under my purposed system instead of having to take your mouse of the terrain to set the value, all you'd have to do is select the numeric entry box you wished to work in, then as you moved you mouse over the terrain as the slope value in the preview changed that value in the relevant entry box changed at the same time.

When the required value had been found, the user would left mouse click to select in the usual way.

The same thing would work altitude.

Just a small usability feature but handy so you don't have to move you mouse and loss you position.

Regards to you.



Sounds like a pretty good idea, and similar to features we have already discussed and planned.

- Oshyan