a real awful ERROR

Started by Aenea, March 23, 2007, 08:37:27 am

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March 23, 2007, 08:37:27 am Last Edit: March 23, 2007, 03:02:10 pm by Aenea

I got this message: see picture below

The result of it is:

nearly all connections between the nodes are gone completely....

no heighfield load

no scene

de facto: nothing anymore....the file is completely corrupted and I think I have to start anew....that´s NOT very nice.
Maybe you have an idea what´s wrong here?
The only thing that remained are the data of the settings....I can copy them and adjust an older save-file so I can get a near as possible result as I already head....



okay....the saved file I worked on to regain all data now crashed too....meaning my complete work of the past two months is gone.
I just opened the file I had saved before the above crashed to work on it and I got the same error message (think it was another number in the line  but it´s the same result....)

I put both tgds in the attachment....maybe anyone can do something with it????

the prairie2 tgd is the one with the furthest progress, prairie5 was the backup.....




It might help to explain what you were doing when it crashed.  I know this helps when I support anyone who has a similar problem.  A little history is helpful, too, so the person troubleshooting can put 2 and 2 together.

So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?



I worked with terragen with my prairie2.tgd file. Then, after making some changes the program didn´t respond (you saw a flickering allover the monitor), so I had to shut it with the task manager. When I tried to reload the file the error message came.

Then I tried to work on a older file to get back to all the settings I meanwhile have made in the prairie2.tgd file. I worked without a problem on it, closed the program after I was done and the next day I worked again on it, shut the program because I had to do other things and THEN, when I wanted to continue I got the same error message on this file too. The only difference is. that it had another error line (a 200 number if I recall correctly.....)

I don´t understand what´s wrong there.....but I really appreciate any help....I´m a bit desperate...of course I can start anew, but it´s really hard to leave all the things behind I learned during the work on it....things I really want to look at when I start a new project.... :'(



Do you still have the TGTP install file? If so you may want to open it and try the repair installation feature. There is a possibility that something got corrupted when you had to shut down with the task manager. Just a thought. :)


I'm afraid there's nothing I can think of to resolve this at this point. Matt may have some insight into the problem however. I will make sure he sees this thread.

- Oshyan



Please look at this thread http://forums.planetside.co.uk/index.php?topic=1043.msg10217
The problem seems similar to yours. I looked at your prairie2.tgd and you do have many non ASCII characters in your file. I copy and paste from Notepad:
D:\Programme\Terragen 2 Technology Preview\3dMaterial\Strδucher\Rote Johannisbeere\neu\ribes.tgo
filename = "D:\Programme\Terragen 2 Technology Preview\3dMaterial\Bδume\Ahorn\Maple.tgo
Both the "Strδucher" and "Bδume" folder names appear multiple times. The 4th character of the first and the 2nd of the second appear to me as "δ". Try to open the file with notepad and search and replace this character with "a" - change the name of the two folders too and see if the TGD can be opened.


P.S. I have had this flickering too - I don't know what causes it, but it goes away if you shutdown and restart Terragen.


Hi folks!

Thanks a BUNCH!

It really was the problem with the umlaut......I opened the file with notepad and made my way through the lines, I changed every folder and file containing the umlaut and whooooooosh....there it was again.

Thanks so much!



I'm very glad to hear this could be resolved fairly easily in the end. We will definitely fix the issues with international characters for the final release. In the meantime I strongly suggest keeping regular backups or revisions of your scenes in case things like this happen. There is always a higher chance of problems developing when working with a pre-release such as this.

- Oshyan