Possible? Making streaming water

Started by Aenea, March 25, 2007, 06:22:50 pm

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Hi there!

Just wondered if it is possible to change the water surface with a water shader in a way that streaming water is displayed.

At the moment I only succeeded in making big waves, rough water, but not this streaming of a river.....

is there also a possibility to let foam appear? for example when it breakes around stones?



I have been experimenting with attaching a "power fractal shader" set to  "displace along lateral"  to the water shader for some interesting effects. You will also need to attach a "Compute Normal" just below the Power Fractal Shader for it to work properly.  You can also change the water color using the high and low colors in the fractal shader for some variation in colors. I'm sure the experts have other ways to change the water surface agitation but this is one way I've tried.  :P


The staff has stated, the water surfaces are not fully developed. So foam and the like will be added at a further date.


This is something i'm working on. Its in a very early development stage. Mostly usefull for raging rivers, but it should do calm ones too.
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could you stretch the noise in a certain direction?