Koyaanisqatsi (WIP)

Started by DannyG, January 24, 2012, 02:03:27 am

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tinkering with Mr Hunds classic Koyaanisqatsi terrain, added a 3rd (513) butte from his tmd file to get some balance on this POV, some scaling issues on the cactus are noted, Comments critiques and full on bashings are welcomed  ;D as I would like this to be as real as possible.

NWDA Dry bush pack
Wallis cactus and dry grass patches
Mr lampost @ 1.8 m

Henry Blewer

I would click on the 'LIKE' button if there was one. I would try a render with slightly softer clouds. This would also look cool with early morning light hitting the buttes. All in all a very good render.
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agree with Henry, Danny...great terrain and set up, softer clouds would make this a winner!


January 24, 2012, 04:32:20 pm #3 Last Edit: January 24, 2012, 04:34:51 pm by DannyGordon
Thanks njeneb and Inky !, I softened the clouds and dropped the sun for some deep shadows and darkened up the sand a bit, The scaling of plants is very noticeable now as I am narrowing things down, nextime around  ;D
Thank you for the look
*Postwork -  contrast, color and sharpening

Jo Kariboo

The last are better. Nice terrain!


Hi Danny,

I think this (the terrain) looks a bit too much TG Classic-like. I think the steep rock wall needs some interesting displacement, and also some sort of color variation to make it look more realistic. Try and add a power fractal to the color function input of the surface layer for the wall at least, you'll see that will make a difference. You could also use another PF to blend the strata in and out in places, so that it doesn't look as regular all over the place.
Hope you don't mind my suggestions.



Thanks Frank, completely don't mind your input on this, I have PF plugged into the color and displacement inputs in the surface layers, The noise is at its default Perlin however,  I also cut the features scale on the PF to help the rock, it doesn't look right and I couldn't figure out why. Displacements as you mentioned might turn this in the right direction
Heres another update, mostly on scaling of the plants, and the smaller scaled PF and deleted one rock layer as its looks to built up in the previous render

Henry Blewer

I sometimes add a surface layer which is controlled by the altitude and slope settings. By using a lighter rock color, it will highlight the top surfaces of the strata layers. A power fractal can be used to mask parts of the surface layer; this breaks up the strata layers, but makes them pop out more in places.
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Thks Henry, good old stratagen made this a whole lot easier  ;D, Learning everything all over again


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#5  ::) Populations update the 12 foot high cati were really pissin me off  :-* slightly darker rock as well. Done with this version to be honest, stripping it down and starting over. learned a few more things on this one ^ ^


Some changes added Johns classic Big Benter terrain and a few buttes I made in geocontrol. Happy with the rock textures still a wip

Comments and critiques are welcomed


That is one fine looking terrain Danny. You're making some nice progress here. I've got some Saguaros make by lightning I'd be glad to share with you if you like. I got out in the desert and took some shots of these cacti which he used to develop them.

Color variation on the mountain helps a great deal. Consider bands of color (varying shades of you base color so as not to make them too bold).


I appreciate the look advise & offer Bob, I certainly won't refuse  ;D  The cati I have in the above render, I'm not sure where I got the little buggers. The folder named Cactus1_Cactus has no read me. I have seen those Saguaros by Lighting in your renders, they look good. Thank you sir ^ ^