Weird banding?

Started by usertm, March 16, 2011, 07:26:20 pm

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Weird banding?

I've tried to increase the atmosphere samples from 64 to 128 then from 128 to 254, the banding is still there, they are like rays of light coming down from the clouds but the sun isn't that strong enough to be casting that type of effect.  There is alot Haze glow power -  0.928125

I'm trying to achieve an overcast, cloudy day. What else could I adjust to get rid of these bands of light?

Is there an easier way of achieving an overcast, hazy, cloudy day without throwing on massive amounts of the haze glow power?  

thanks everyone!:)


It would be very helpful to see an image that shows the problem, or better yet a TGD. My first question would be did you reduce the Sample Jitter in the Atmosphere's Quality tab?

- Oshyan