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Started by Tangled-Universe, March 19, 2011, 06:40:23 pm

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Yeah. I'm agreement. From what I've found, and I'm hardly experienced. Terragen initial scenes are quick to set up. But finalising will basically take hundreds of hours of rendering before you find yourself satisfied with what you do.

This is similar in my experience with most 3D apps, I've used, and still use, Blender, 3DS Max if absolutely necessary (hate the program, so clunky), Zbrush and various engines and whatnot. You start with the scene, but you may very well end up rendering and tweaking for the next few months before you're satisfied.

I personally love Terragen too much, as it's eating into my practice with other programs :P. It's so preeetttty!

I get distracted by shiny things a lot.

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Everyone becomes 'trendy'. One of the elite will start messing around with Terragen 2 and the flood gate will open.
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I like this thread, we are having the same conversation (updated) that the great artists had. If someone would just cut their ear off, and then shoot them self, then we will have a new art movement! Just kidding, no one should do that.
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Quote from: njeneb on July 13, 2011, 05:04:44 pm
Everyone becomes 'trendy'. One of the elite will start messing around with Terragen 2 and the flood gate will open.

If Terragen gets more user-friendly control over positioning and look, for instance by a base sculpt tool + procedurals for refinement, then you're definitely right.
It's one of the things why Vue is still dominant. You can do that in Vue. Rendering it (in high quality) is another question, but TG2 can't do the first thing so they don't bother yet.


I think another reason is that Vue is a lot more artsy. The renderings almost always look like a 3D image, whereas Terragen is hardcore realistic. Getting something more artsy from Terragen is quite difficult. And some of the features are very handy, like the latest version having the ability to change the lighting without rerendering the entire image... That would be handy!

But from my research, before getting Terragen, they're both programs who have very similar features and capabilities, but are vastly different in how they handle things. I'm sure someone will argue with me. But at first glance, they're like photoshop and GIMP. Actually that's bad comparison! Who cares.

Terragen's getting a small revolution though, more studios are using it for movies and VFX.

You know what'd make more people interested? A full training course sold alongside. Adobe figured out they sell more if training is offered alongside. And whoever makes the training gets to enjoy a nice long grace period (if they're good) of being the only real paid training on the market for Terragen. Make it not too pricey and very affordable, and even the most miserly of hobbyists will buy it.


I think you're right.
Vue and TG can do the same, but the way things are handled is indeed totally different as far as I can tell.

I agree with you about the training. (but also an official manual/userguide should help out a lot, but every frequent visitor here knows the shameful story about this which I'm not feeling much for to dive into)
We at NWDA have been thinking about training for quite some time. There's a lot of stuff we could cover and offer, but the hardcore key stuff to get professionals interested is a big hurdle.
I, for instance, have no clue about TG2>Max or TG2>Maya workflow. I know how to set up geometry export and importing that in Max and that's totally it.
Maybe that's enough, I don't know.

I can tell you that in the near future a lot of useful resources will be available.
First of all I've written a FAQ which should become available soon. Logically it will cover the FAQ you see (too) much here on the forums.

Secondly, I'm working on a personal website for my portfolio, but I'm also planning a blog-section which will contain tutorials.
I already have a couple of dozen items listed so with a weekly update I could almost keep it going for well over half a year.
Hopefully in that half year much will happen with TG2, but I don't know.

I seriously could use some help though with building that site so I think I should ask help here...



Well, I'm no coder, so can't help with the nitty gritty's of making the site appear on the internetz, but I am a designer, and can certainly do mockups and graphics for you. That's sort of my day job.


Well,  Martin to be a bit off topic, I spend mostof my time writing and proofing documents.  If any help is needed in those areas, I am willing and able. Although in my opinion your use of English is quite excellent.



New tutorials and other training learning tools can not come soon enough! I am sure a new web site will be well received! And I agree 100%, the more training is available, the more people will use Terragen, and the more respected the work will become. But I know nothing comes easy.
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