Started by Hetzen, April 17, 2011, 09:45:03 pm

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Something I'm playing around with atm. Still got some more work with it. Just thought I'd share.

Henry Blewer

Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


Impressive clouds. Perhaps you should brighten them up a bit...


Woah, fantastic clouds there. Did you use 2 seperate cloud layers/volumes? one for tall and one for shorter clouds?


Nice render , Hetzen :)
I think like Dune about the lighting.


To be honest, I've been banging my head with clouds, which is fortunate I'm not having problems with walls. I agree with you guys that it should be brighter, but the exr conversion in photoshop popped up with this, which looked quite dynamic.

I have a method of building clouds from the base up, I also have a method of adding spherical billows, rather than lumpy billows, but when I try to combine these techniques I get somewhat thwarted by how TG wants me to work with texture space and real space. So this image was a journey into using the localised clouds to build a quick and dirty way of getting a shape I'm after, which as is, isn't it. The main structure is made with two side by side localised clouds, and a third for the base. Then there are two for the cirrus, and another for the lower spread.

I still have a lot to learn in deciphering the cloud node tab in terms of lighting, as I've spent most of my R&D time in the structure.


Looks great! Congrats!
I will suggest to make the clouds just slightly less darker, or at least some clouds.
Its a beautiful scene. I like it!