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Started by ozijon, April 03, 2007, 09:37:17 am

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Hi looking for help I have the tg2 deep payed and had to uninstall it and now when i reinstall it i keep getting a tg2 must shut down message and cant save any work is the download from planet side the newest version if so will it be ok to download and then put in my key file
                                              Thank you


If you have a commercial TG2 license, you should  have gotten an email with a link to the new version's download.  After downloading, you had to uninstall the previous TG2, install the new one, and place your key file in the folder with it.  Make sure you did all that, and then try again to make sure you didn't get a corrupt download.
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If you did not get an email containing a link to the latest TG2 Deep pre-purchase update in March, please contact registrations@planetside.co.uk Make sure you are installing the latest version,, and also verify that you have downloaded the complete file from Planetside's official download location. If you continue to have problems you can contact support@planetside.co.uk directly.

- Oshyan


All is ok Thanx

                         John   ;D