Shore Foam

Started by choronr, November 07, 2011, 01:07:12 am

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I've yet to find or discover by working in TG2 a good reliable way to achieve shore foam such as we did with the 'water works' plug in using Terragen Classic. There are a number of threads and files shared that I have tried with TG2 - all leave something to be desired; or, haven't worked for me. Maybe Jo Meder can jump in here and offer some ideas.

Wouldn't it good if there were some things in the works in new updates by Planetside?



Hi Bob,

Waterworks was fairly simple and I think many of its effects could be reproduced using function nodes, which is the main reason I haven't spent much time on doing something similar. I think others have shown this is possible and even surpassed what it could do. Maybe I'll have a go at a node though, might be a fun diversion.




Thanks Jo, looking forward to what you may come up with.