Still getting random crashes?

Started by buzzzzz, December 23, 2006, 03:03:38 PM

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Ok I've been playing with this thing for a few days and still get random crashes with no rhyme nor reason, even when just closing a node settings window. I'm wondering when a new update will be available? I think I will wait until then and try again for I am not a patient person. LOL 

Happy Holidays!


We will be putting out an update to fix the major current issues (random crashes, OBJ rendering issues, etc.) within a couple weeks. Unfortunately it's the holiday season and we can't drive the developer slaves too hard on Christmas. ;)

In the meantime you might want to read this (and other) threads for some possible troubleshooting/workaround options:

We have a known bugs and issues overview here:

And finally there is a good Known Bugs/Workarounds post over on Ashundar:

- Oshyan