Richard Hammond's Journey to The Centre of The Earth

Started by ajcgi, July 19, 2011, 07:21:30 am

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Tonight on BBC One at 9pm in the UK is the first of a 2-parter, Richard Hammond's Journey to The Centre of The Earth, featuring plenty of CGI-work by the company I predominatly freelance for of late, Lola. This includes a few moments of Terragen created by myself and a couple of others here. They include mountains growing, a dried-up Marianas Trench, and a dried-up mid-Atlantic ridge. There are all sorts of other lovely graphical moments created in Softimage.
Also in HD. ;)]

Working link:


Got a chance to check this show out and it was great seeing some high def TG work features. I'm not sure of every sequence that featured it, but there were at least 1 or 2 significant ones, and maybe a few other minor uses. Nice work. Looking forward to part 2.

- Oshyan


Cheers for the feedback! Much of the tg2 work is in the next one. This has a different name, Richard Hammond's Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean. It's on same time Tuesday coming.