Borentuu 3rd mission

Started by Violoncello, July 26, 2011, 05:07:09 pm

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In the 3rd mission, a probe sent to the Borentuu system was specifically directed to land on the second moon of the Borentuu system, provided that the second moon met a certain size requirement and a certain average distance from the planet.

Here are some captured snapshots...

During descent, our probe captured this shot. Notice that on the right edge right next to the clouds, is the snow moon.

This is the next shot captured shortly after landing on something mysterious. We estimate approximately 1,350 meters above the surface based on slope and altitude of surrounding landscape. As the probe has a minimum pitch of only 20 degrees, our analysis is limited in this case. Notice also that during the 30 minute descent, that the Borentuu water world/gas giant rotated about 15 degrees, confirming the suspected 12 hour rotation.

Naturally this spawned some theories, including a floating platform designed by intelligent life. The fascinating part of supporting data, is that this mysterious platform is not only level, it is exactly 1:10,000,000 in ratio to the radius of the moon. The moon radius is 7,000 km, and this platform is exactly 700 meters above the average altitude of the moon surface.