support for Xfrog xfr files?

Started by carbon, December 23, 2006, 03:32:28 PM

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I have some of the older Xfrog tree libraries, does TG2 directly support xfr files?

If I change the filetype to 'all' when selecting an object,(Add Object>Population>Obj reader) TG2 appears to import and populate but nothing shows (I have the preview box checked) and nothing renders - no warnings etc.

Is the only option to export all these out of Xfrog as .obj?




try the 30 day trail of xfrogs and see if it will convert a xfr into obj...
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TG2 does not currently support .xfr files. These are procedural description files for Xfrog objects and TG2 would need an Xfrog plugin to support them natively. I certainly do hope such a thing may be developed in the future as it would open up a lot more possibilities.

- Oshyan


Thanks Oshyan/King Tiger

I have the full Xfrog 3.5 so I can convert - is just a time issue..... (so many things to little time) ;)

Also not sure how the Version 2 Plant libs differ from what I have, tho may be best to check that out over at the XFrog forums.


and Merry Christmas to all