Road Signs

Started by ndeewolfwood, August 07, 2011, 07:29:32 pm

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Free For Non-Commercial Use
Just post your picture here :
For Commercial Use
you have to make a donation to Wikipedia :
and post render here

.psd include to change sign.
Please post new textures in the Terragen Sharing forum.

texture are 2048*2048
it must be suitable for close-up.

TGO+extra texture here :
File name: roadsign.rar File size: 4.72 MB
Texture .psd. (easy to change sign and text)
File name: roadsign_texture.rar File size: 36.11 MB

Have a nice day and happy render.


thanks, these will be useful!

Henry Blewer

I like the UFO one the best.
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