Spruce Tree Most Popular HQ mini bundle out now

Started by FrankB, August 15, 2011, 10:13:58 am

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Hi all,

NWDA has created a mini collection of the 3 most beautiful species of the full HQ Spruce Tree bundle.
The "top 3 most popular" bundle comes round the corner for just 7.69  for private use!

A tip on how to make the most out of these trees:
Remember from previous customer feedback, the default color brightness was rated as a little too dark in some use cases (mostly with a lot of shadow cast by surrounding trees), but luckily the lightness of the needles can easily be adjusted in the default shaders of the objects, and don't forget the camera exposure as a complimentary way to help with lighting.

These models are the same high definition and geometry and texture as the "big" bundle, and can be used for real close-ups with no sweat!


Have fun!