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Started by :), September 07, 2011, 03:27:43 pm

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I am was told I be mean to makers of pictures. I not try to but I not say good things as bad. I want you to know I see good in all pictures you all make but I not be saying it. I apology. when I am growing up I not hear good things I do just what I do not good and I am same way I think. I am not liking but I try fix. You need to know I see something good to see in all work I make critic of and is why I make critic to show what might be not seen working on picture. is hard to see all when making picture and sometimes looking to hard at a thing make miss another thing. If I not am seeing any good in picture at all, I just not say anything so if I say critic on it I see good in picture to and like make better. I hope all understand.


First I thought I'd like to let your apology stand as they as it is, but I must say I appreciate that you wrote those words. It's not easy to realize AND admit mistakes, even less easy in public. So I appreciate this attempt and I am sure others do, too.

Now, Dune gave you some great advice in the other thread, I suggest to take it to heart. Please become a contributing member of this community, but not only with critics, rather with images, knowledge and sharing.