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They just issued a tornado warning and said to stay away from windows. Does that mean I can't use my computer?

Pentagular Dark

Quote from: TheBlackHole on August 25, 2011, 12:07:10 am

Break time!

But if he takes a break his evil candle flame will burn down his underwater house!(pineapple) Somehow and he won't get it done, or he might but it will take longer.
That is the right episode of Spongebob right? I haven't watched it in a while we don't use tv anymore.
GAH!!! Don't look down here! Look at the posts man!



this is good like waves but a little jumpier and not so smooth. I like the effect and can work for still pictures. I think the wave at left is not curling so much but has only single sided material, if it was double side then it might show different. can terra force double sided material?