The Wall

Started by Dune, September 05, 2011, 02:31:26 am

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 A closeup look of the wall (mask) I used in valley+river+road.


Nice wall / ruins!  :)
I assume you'll deal with the background later? Also the grasses have a weird kind of green, maybe you would want to tweak that a little bit. Other than that, nice detail everywhere, very interested in where you'll take this!


Real good as usual man. But I agree on the green, not the grass so much, but the moss is kinda out there.
It has been eaten.

Henry Blewer

The moss can use some work. It looks sort of painted. The wall itself is great.
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Great work but the moss is too vivid , needs some yellow



Yes, the moss was only one color. Now it's two. The mosses I want are a a very deep green. Is this better?
What would be good for the background, guys? Anything else to add/change?


The moss is better looking now and entire wall is much more natural looking. Perhaps few rock piles would fit well on the backroud hill.

Henry Blewer

A pasture would work. Perhaps a wood lot.
The wall looks much better. I might add some color/s more for the old, dried up moss.
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@Inky: just a simple grayscale TIF with some vague white lines. Like this.

Some rock piles, a wood lot and a pasture sounds good. 


thanks Ulco, does this mask a displacement shader with voronoi or fakestones?


Fake stones, three sizes (12-25-35cm, I think). By the way; here's another version, same mask.


diggin' that snow....great crystals!

Henry Blewer

I really like the snow version. Very cool tif work.
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


ruins need to have bigger variance to tall. not so all same tall to look more good, and ferns in top picture seem plastic meed some more brown spots and missing leaves or broken.