Started by -XM-, September 11, 2011, 04:16:31 PM

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Hey guys, I've been searching the web trying to find a good tutorial on how to recreate Mars in Terragen... would you guys happen to know of any good links or have any tips?

Thanks a lot!


This is an easy way; look at this thread at the Planetside forum for: . This gives the information and links for adding planet mapping to your planets.


Thanks for the link, that will come in handy... but I should have explained myself better, I'd like to try and recreate the terrain of Mars; is it just a matter of changing colors and textures?


Depends on how much of Mars you want. If you want to recreate just a small part of Mars a DEM would be essential. For larger parts up to the whole planet I'd use a high-res texture. Actually, two: one for displacement and the other for color.
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