sometime older is better

Started by :), September 22, 2011, 07:22:32 PM

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I was looking at old shared files and images and I notice some of older ones are better than some that be done now. I wonder where those people go that were better making pictures? Has it be made harder to make good pictures in Terr?




It's hard to engage in this discussion without you showing a few examples of these old renders so we can see what you're talking about.


by reading posts and seeing works made now here, is being easier to see why people that are most creative are gone from forum now, many here are too small minded and cannot take any helpful words to them. one particular should keep selling the vacuums and leave art to artists. :)


Say cheese! ;D

Green cheese, of course.




This was the "Art" you posted as an post worked Terragen image in this Thread:

In this aspect sometime older is better really... and a real render from Terragen (look at the Exif properties of the image guys).

Now close this thread too please!


yes, this is photo of art I make from a terra picture. I am glad you like. It is on wall now :) Thank you saying it is better, I think so to, but is not very old. :)