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« on: October 14, 2011, 12:22:38 PM »
HEllo every body
I'am beginner il TG2
I wanted to know how to export my color map et Heighmap from my terrain???

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« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2011, 05:00:02 PM »
Terrains can be exported fairly easily in heightfield or geometry formats. To export an existing heightfield (created by a Heightfield Generate node), simply generate the heightfield, then right-click the node in the node network and choose Save As. Specify the path and name for the file, include either a .TER or .EXR extension. .TER is Terragen's proprietary terrain format but is widely compatible with many other applications. EXR is a more general purpose high accuracy image format supported by Photoshop and other systems.

To export a procedural terrain in a heightfield format, plug the output of your last procedural shader *in the terrain group* into the Shader input of a Heightfield Generate then Generate and proceed as above. Note that the size of the area you are exporting and its resolution will be set in the Heightfield Generate node as "Size in Meters" and "Number of Points", respectively.

To export a geometry format, go to your Renderer, go to the Sequence/Output tab, check the Micro Exporter box, click the green + button on the right, go to Create New Micro Handler and choose Micro Exporter, then click the button again and go to settings of the newly created Micro Exporter 01, click the disk icon bottom-right and specify a path and file name, being sure to put .OBJ at the end. Then just render your scene. You will get a *camera view-dependent* geometry export. You can make the render faster by disabling atmosphere and global illumination as they have no use for geometry export. Also note that the renderer Detail setting affects the density of the exported geometry.

"Color maps" (textures?) cannot be easily exported, you would need to make a top-down orthographic camera projection render at high resolution and with neutral lighting and atmosphere turned off, and even this result would not be ideal. In general we recommend not using Terragen 2 solely as an asset generator for other applications, rather try to take advantage of Terragen's strengths in rendering terrain, then composite with the output of other programs, if possible.

- Oshyan