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Started by Moose, December 23, 2006, 06:20:27 PM

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Hi Matt

About a year or so back I remember there was a discussion on yahoo! regarding the decision around which scripting language TG2 should support. At the time it sounded like you were strongly leaning towards lua. Is this still the case?

I only ask as it seems to me that recently python is becoming a more and more popular language for applications to adopt - both Maya and Houdini's next releases will have python integration, and currently XSI, Vue, Massive, Motion Builder sport it (and there's probably others that I haven't mentioned too). As this is the case, and with the way the industry is moving towards standardisation, it'd be good too see TG2 jumping on the bandwagon also and not becoming "that proggie with the different scripting language" that every one has to take time out to learn just to get dirty with TG - it could serve to work against TG2's take-up (if only by a little, perhaps).

Just wondered if you thought any of these concerns ring true with how your line of thinking stands on the matter now, a year or so later. Are you still keen on lua (or is that hush-hush :D)?



..another thing that would be very useful is the possibility to add your own scripted buttons in the toolbar.

Will this be a possibility in the future?  ;D

I'd like for example to create a scripted button that puts 6 cameras, each with 90 degree FOV on renderqueue to automate the render of a 360x360 panorama. I used to do that stuff a lot with tg0.9 and it would be great being able to do that directly within the app. Things like that...or just other custom stuff to speed up the workflow.  :P

..or how about a button that just saves the project and renders it in the background using a preview can be made while working...and put the extra cores or cpu's to use until we get multithreading?

Oh well...Im just wishing away here ;)



I was planning to use Lua, but I now agree that Python is probably the better choice.
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Python is pretty darn cool.     :)