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Fake Stone Cave Example...
« on: October 31, 2011, 08:35:15 PM »
This is just in response to Jonathan asking about making caves from a fake stone shader.
It's kind of easier to explain with a file rather than just words so, this is a pathetically low detail example of what I was meaning.

It just shows the general layout of a fake stone shader to create cave walls, the walls will meet at some point higher up if you use a high 'scale'(here it's 100m), 'stone tallness' and 'pancake effect', this leaves a gap at ground level that you can move your camera through. Again, don't expect to use this file for anything useful, it is the most basic and low detailed outline just to describe the method and nothing more. You will obviously want to add better surface shaders to the fake stone layer and the ground but it shows how to create the walls. Some experimentation and reseeding will likely be required, too, if you're starting from scratch but it's a nice method for making an enclosed cave area.

A quick .gif sequence from the file;


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