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Started by Aenea, April 20, 2007, 03:32:54 am

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Hi all!

Doing something and understanding are two sides of a coin.
For I enjoy so much experimenting with TG, I sometimes often don´t know what exactly is the theory behind it.
So I thought, aren´t there any good sites out there where some background information about texturing, shaders, etc etc (everything that has to do with theory about 3d knowledge and especially landscape creating) can be found?

Understanding what some shaders and tools are doing in your settings can be very helpful sometimes.

So if there´s anything out there....

Think this might be a start;sort=subject

(I don´t mean examples to create something....more what specific tools are doing) I know that there´s somewhere a glossar out there, but not very if you know more of this stuff....