The Green Blackout

Started by AP, February 02, 2012, 01:53:28 am

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Greg, you can throw as many big pictures into the thread as you like. Two problems:

1: Time magazine is not, and never was, a scientific journal.
2: Look at the year on the Science paper (1975).

What were climate scientists predicting in the 1970s?

The science has moved on since the 1970s. The theory of anthropogenic global warming is 19th Century stuff, and older than relativity and quantum mechanics. Feedbacks are the problem area, and ice feedback is kicking in at a faster rate than model predictions.

Some bits and bobs
The Galileo Fallacy, 'Argumentum ad Galileus':
"They laughed at Galileo. They're laughing at me. Therefore I am the next Galileo."

Nope. Galileo was right for the simpler reason that he was right.