Distort Altitude Blend

Started by efflux, February 03, 2012, 07:49:42 pm

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OK. There may quite a lot of stuff one the forum already discussed. I haven't been looking through here a lot for a while. I'll check out that file on the thread just to see how that's been done but I've got it working anyway.

Kind of going off topic a bit here (this is the support section) so I'll go no further after this. Maybe I'll start some threads after I get some actual artwork done.

I have two angles on the go. One is the altitude blending thing but a very precise kind of blend. the other is a kind of surface blender for rocks that you can tweak to effect coverage. Here's the same thing in Mojoworld and it also shows you why voronoi fractals are SO good. Ignore the graph at the left. I was using this on a Mojo forum. Fake stones in TG2 is great for stones in my opinion i.e. small ground coverage stones but when I do bigger rocks I now use another graph and it is often terrain rather than secondary displacement.

I currently have a graph with a control which goes from full coverage to no coverage. As you move this up in value rocks spread all across. There is another control that handles how soft or severe the blend line is. This is important because a sharp blend line will screw up displacements. This is one the problems with fake stones at big scale. I want to control how the rocks blend into the surrounding ground.

My plan is to amalgamate these two things together so you have precisely separated areas of rock (will have to be perlin fractal) then these rocks also precisely blended in various altitude methods.


OK guys. I'm going to start a new thread on this shortly because I'm not sure anyone has done precisely what I wanted to do with the altitude distortion. Yes, people have used altitude blend distortions but there is another angle I touched on here. I'm not posting anything about any graphs until I have things solved so threads don't contain all sorts of convoluted methods and descriptions.