controls on Mac, "Base Colours" dialog

Started by calyxa, December 23, 2006, 10:01:14 PM

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I hope I can get the images into this post correctly and that it's OK to link in one from the documentation...

first is the image from the 03. Creating Your First Scene tutorial on the colors in the Base Colours dialog - note the blue outline which indicates the settings being discussed:

now here's a screenshot of the same dialog from my Mac:

I had been wondering why there was only a single numeric field for a color (which ends up being grey when one uses it), and a slider (which does have the nice effect of darkening colors when a color has been chosen via the swatch), but really, it'd be a lot more sensible if it had the three fields (which I presume are red, green, and blue amounts, yes?) just like on the Windows version.

of course it may all be moot in the final UI, anyway.

thanks for your attention!


Actually the UI has changed since that was written. You've apparently become our proof reader. ;) I'll fix it ASAP. Lots of other stuff to polish up too. The UI being in flus is a bit of a pain for documentation.

- Oshyan


I'm not surprised to hear that the UI has already changed, and yeah, I have a great appreciation for how hard it is to document a moving target.

on the issue of proof-reading, it's just "what I do."  I can't just sit here and put up with 'shift' if you get my drit ;)  I mention that because you said that you'd caught it in the pdf, but not in the on-line, so my other "catch" about the F3 thing in the quickstart is most likely "still" in the pdf as well?  I believe it was actually in the pdf that I read it first.


Yes, that's correct. I'll be doing some more work on the forum version here (which is currently our "master" for the most part) and will sync it with the PDF after that's done. Probably not until after the holidays though.

I'm big on proof-reading as well. I just naturally do it whenever I read anything. But it's harder to do it on my own work. :D

Thanks again for the catches. :)

- Oshyan