Small glitch

Started by dandelO, April 16, 2012, 10:29:35 am

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In 2.4, if animation is set on a camera and I start a new project without saving, the small green 'A' symbol still appears beside the camera node that was animated in the last project.
Doesn't happen every time and the 'A' mark actually appeared beside a different node in my network once too, a node that hadn't been animated, it just moved to a water shader located above the camera node in the network of it's own accord, when there were no animated parameters in it at all, or in the previously opened project for the water shader.
Closing the program entirely before starting a new project doesn't have this hangover from the last opened file.

Image of completely new project network started from 'file>>new>>discard changes' when the previous project was open and had an animated camera.



Hi dandelo,

This was a problem which came up during alpha testing but which I was never able to reproduce. However your information has immediately made me think of what could possibly be causing this and the steps you give should help me to reproduce it. Thanks :-).