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Started by Dune, April 18, 2012, 03:41:20 am

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Something else again, trying out different settings for a procedural river. The mountains and terrain in a lesser degree are awful, so it needs work.


Really like the foreground earth! SSS rivers are the way to go but hard to mask (for me at least)and hard to control the shape.  Look forward to seeing this one developed.


When I read SSS I always read Sub Surface Scattering.  :)


very nice and actually I like the hills/mountains in the back. Some SSSSV in the foreground would be the icing on the cake I think.




Looks effective Ulco, the river looks flat and follows the land contours. I like the rough water you have in and around the rocks.


Quote from: Seth on April 18, 2012, 02:21:48 pm
When I read SSS I always read Sub Surface Scattering.  :)

Me too. It'll be really confusing when we have a sub-surface scattering shader in Terragen some day!

Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


Looking really good!


Thanks guys. Here's another one with a flattened terrain. I wanted to make some dark granite like 'kopjes' and used giant fake stones. Next will be a version where this river is going downhill (rapids), which wouldn't be too hard, but for the (indeed) uncontrollability of the flow. When I made a small fall/rapid yesterday the foam wasn't all where it was supposed to be due to the extra small scale redirect. It can be controlled of course with a painted shader (and some big stones perhaps), but I didn't want to use that (yet).


Very convincing apart from the one smooth egg shaped rock! I like the rest of the terrain too.


The river looks especially very nice in the last image Ulco !


Great feat! Coming along nicely. I'd say the water is realistic enough already from this distance. If you can combine this with some rapids/falls and keep it procedural at the same time that would be the ultimate accomplishment. But seeing your work, it's only a matter of time :)


Hi Dune, Following this pretty close :)

I'm curious, but is it possible to export the terrain following the river only, maybe three feet of each bank with all rocks no water? From the foreground to at least the mid-ground?

I can only export what my camera sees, and I have to export everything the camera sees (up to a certain distance). It be great if you could draw in what you want to export. I have no idea why the camera has anything to do with it...

Just thinking about animating the water over a terrain.
It has been eaten.


Looking great Ulco. Seeing your stuff always delivers inspirations; and, looking forward to the next iterations.


It is still completely procedural, but now I need something for better rapids. I may find it by trying out the blue nodes in some educated guesses, but if any of you math wizards can produce something in no time, I'd be much obliged  :D
I use a strata and outcrops shader now for rapids, but that is actually too sharp. What would be better is a smooth stepped! grayscale, from black to white (along X or Z axis), which I could combine with a distance shader or other soft ramp to get something like the attachment.

@TheBadger: I might give that a try. Never did exporting before.


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Have you tried using a "constant colour" or "constant scalar" node (maybe set between .1 to .5) as a blending shader for the "strata and outcrops"?