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Started by Marcos Silveira, April 20, 2012, 06:43:55 am

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Marcos Silveira

I'd like TG to render some 3d stills. Would it be implemented?!?


Quick and dirty method would be to set up 2 cameras one for each "eye" and then render to separate bitmaps and then combine in the 3d image creator/compositor of your choice ? ( You may have already done this, hence the request  ;) ) Or are you thinking it could be a preset in TG2 ? Then you get into what format of 3d do you want supported...etc...

Whichever way you do it...it's going to be a double render time for each stereoscopic frame/image, I would imagine.

Nice idea though...


Several people have done 3D images this way here on the forums. TG2 has also been used for 3D film productions. It's fairly easy to setup a "rig" with appropriate eye separation between 2 cameras, but there is no specific function for it in TG2 at this time.

- Oshyan