Moon with asteroid rings

Started by freelancah, May 08, 2012, 11:47:05 AM

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Zairyn Arsyn

i was going to ask how you did this, or if you would share this, looks like i dont have to... :)

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Andrew March


Thank you very much, freelancah. Looks good and interesting.


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This is a great share. Thank you.
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Thank you for sharing !

I'm going to try to understand this great file :-)


Hey guys.

in the note for this file it says
Quote...the mask is displaced with high frequency power fractal to get some variation on Y axis

Can anyone who has this clip tell me exactly where the parameter freelancah is revering to is. I need much more variation in my Y, but I don't see where that parameter is. No slider that clearly represents it. Im probably just over looking something, but nonetheless, a conformation on what I should do would be much help.

I got the file adapted and working for me very well, Im just having a little trouble tweaking this last point.

Also, the color adjust shader and "Power fractal shader v3 07" are the only places I see that allow for color picking. But in both cases the colors there, are not the color you get when you render his scene (maybe its just the lighting?) Anyway, please confirm for me if you would, were I can change + plus add a node stack for additional color variations.

I am asking with respect to the ring stones alone, not the planet.

Thank you to anyone who wants to answer.

By the way, where has freelancah gone?! Come back freelancah, we miss you.

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I just took a look for you, Michael; it's in 'Power fractal shader v3 07' in the objects group. By the way, I don't think you need the compute terrain there.

The rock colors are inside the rock pop (Objects as well), in 'Power fractal shader v3 06'. Just one PF. So any additional colors can be put there, under it, or replacing it.


Hi Ulco, thanks.

Quoteit's in 'Power fractal shader v3 07' in the objects group

Im afraid I dont see what effects the Y of the stones. which parameter is it? I can see from the render that the rocks are not in a straight line, but I don't see what effects that, Or understand what you mean by the "objects group". I see nothing called objects group.

also, what does freelancah mean by
"high frequency power fractal"
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Actually, seeing and remembering Freelancah's settings, I don't know if the spike limit of 2 has any siginificance. Is 1 a maximum? Never tested that. And there's a spacing variation of 3, I think, in the stone pop. Does that do more than 1? Never tested that either.


ok Dune, it works.

I had to increase roughness and spike limit by large numbers. Whats hard about it is that if you read the documents these parameters give no suggestion whatsoever that they will effect the y of a stone. But rather they should effect the displacement on a terrain. I understood that they were affecting a planet ring of stones, but really, the stones should have something for a planet ring built in to the fake stone node... This is Terragen, planet rings are an obvious want from users. It should be a basic thing.

If this is the case for TG3, then good! if not, we should have it! I doubt that I would have ever built up this rig that freelancah made on my own, I would not have thought that the nodes would work together.

This clip is one of the more simple, clearer, easy to use clips on the subject of the ten or so I looked at. And still I got very confused by this last aspect.

But Ulco, thank you for directing my eyes to the right place! Im glad I understand this subject now.
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Fake stones *are* displacement Badger, and Y is "up" in Terragen. If we were to have a Planet Rings node, it would be completely separate, not a "mode" of fake stones or an additional option for it (which would just be confusing and unnecessary for a majority of users). It's unreasonable to expect that one particular possible use of a node that someone comes up with should then be reflected in the settings for later versions. The nodes are intended as building blocks, and the fact that someone created this using them is proof that this approach works. Putting nodes together in novel ways is the entire point of the node network and its capabilities.

- Oshyan


QuoteY is "up"
and down. Yeah that part I knew. But if you look at this clip, what about the roughness and spike could tell you that it will make "rocks" move in empty 3d space up or down, unless you already knew that some how?

QuoteIf we were to have a Planet Rings node, it would be completely separate, not a "mode"
Fine by me. I leave all details you and the team. Im just here to explain it from the perspective of a user who does not want to spend a year exploring every possible node configuration just to make a bunch of rocks lay in a circle. And as grand as the imagery TG makes, is. A bunch of rocks in a simple circle is all we are really talking about here. Its not even a perfect circle. And for this I needed 7 nodes. And as I said, this is the least amount of any of the clips I looked at.

Fake rocks, not stones. My fault.

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