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Started by Gannaingh, June 12, 2012, 11:30:08 AM

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Here is the TGD file for my Saturn image. I'm sorry it took me so long, I forgot about it as finals kicked me in the face haha. There are notes in the file about all the steps I used to create the ring transparency. The image maps used for creating the main ring's color and alpha mask are not included since they are about a combined 20 Mb and took me quite some time to make. Replacement images can be made easily enough using Photoshop or GIMP and tailored to your particular scene. If anybody has any questions that the TGD doesn't answer, ask away. Thanks for taking a look.


Thanks Darth,
Checking this out now.
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A bit late finding this but thanks all the same....
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Nice. Thx for sharing.
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I love it when discovering a dl I missed that it bumps up the dls to those who also missed it when posted. Great Forum.
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Hello !!!
I'm totally new here in this forum. I stubled upon this great saturn scene from Gannaingh. I rendered the scene but before I could do so, I was forced to create the missing maps. I guess that some others will run into the same problem?!?  So I would like to add my created files that also others beginners would be able to render this great scenery. My file is the same like the original. Exept that I just implemented my own created pictures of the ring system and saved it again. For your benefit the scene Saturn NEW.tgd is attached to this reply and can now be rendered without warnings :-)


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thanks a lot Stormlord! Welcome to the forum :)
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