Big Valleys.

Started by Wurby, June 20, 2012, 04:11:50 AM

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I've been browsing these forums as a reader just... learning, and I have yet to come across any tutorials, or even threads speaking of creating big valleys proportional to the big mountains, either I'm just blind, or I'm not using the correct searches here and google.

I've thought of several different ways to get the results I'm looking for, but have no idea how to get them. the attached is an example of my home valley (obviously stolen from some random "mormon mommy blog", just ignore the watermark, I googled that up and don't claim to own it. ;)  ) which is something I'd like to capture in tg2, and I dunno how to go about it.

I've though of these few ways to do it:
1: playing with scales. but this is full of trial and error, and I don't exactly have the time, as I am a full time student, with a full time jorb. oh, and I'm lazy. :D
B: localized mountain (somehow similar to localized clouds?) range/fractal. or two. ;)
3: painted shader for fractals? (I'm just throwing darts at birds in the dark now.)

Any thoughts? emotions? ridiculously embarrassing and hilarious outbursts?

Thanks, y'all.


P.s. thanks planetside for creating such an awesome program. you guys won me 50 bucks from my little city's silly digital art contest last summer. :)
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Kevin F

I've got a .ter file of the Utah valley if you want it?


I wouldn't mind it, haha. ;) But, I would also want to know how to make something similar, but still have the feel of "there's nothing else like this... ANYWHERE ELSE" and be able to call it my own. :D
Life's hard. Life's harder if you're stupid.


Try the Alpine Fractal. Don't be put off by the name:)
large scale 10000+, large scale step and low deposition rates.
You could add in to that a low level power fractal to break up ever so slightly the uniformity of the valleys.

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WTH is a "jorb" :D


Life's hard. Life's harder if you're stupid.



Hahahaha, I haven't been to that site since I was thirteen.
Life's hard. Life's harder if you're stupid.