Another object related rendering/whiteout error

Started by xanga433, December 24, 2006, 02:06:10 AM

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...but without crashing involved.

When I render with an xfrog imported object in the scene I get a random partial or complete whiteout effect. Without changing any settings I repeatedly rendered the scene and achieved different variations, as you can see in the picture. When I remove the object the problem goes away. On very rare occasions the scene renders normally and everything looks neat.

Changing quality settings (atmosphere/clouds/render/ GI) doesn't seem to fix the problem. Neither does raytracing options. Scene looks normal in the render preview. Also the magical dots during the beginning of the rendering process all have the right colors in the right places. Moving the object or changing object texture properties doesn't work.


LOL! I seem to have solved my own problem already.

I changed the texture format from tif to png and the problem went away completely. Is there a list of compatible texture formats around?


tif is compatible but the alpha may be handled differently (incorrectly?). So it looks like your probably may have been alpha related.

- Oshyan