Remnants of Time

Started by Dune, August 18, 2012, 03:35:03 am

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Coming up; a world where time is encapsulated in zones. Here's a couple of screenshots.


wooh can't wait to see some more of this one, looks epic Dune  :)


Asphalt looks outstanding!

Very interesting images, Ulco. Looking forward to seeing it.
It this going to be one continuous animation or will it be edited?

It has been eaten.


Well, have a look and judge...

I might one want to make a full fledged animation, but this was just another test for me (again).


This is amazing, I need to see more. It's not just the quality of the rending it's the music\soundfx and the story that goes along with it. What's the dome in the background? Will you be rendering more?

I love how it transitions from the lush grass and trees to the desert wasteland.

The weakest part for me, if you mind me saying, are the clouds. Not so much how they look but how they move, I think they need to warp and twist a bit more as they move across the scene, and maybe slow them down a bit. Other than that I think this is a really interesting project.


Some very cool visuals Ulco!

It has been eaten.


I know about the clouds. They are supposed to move fast, but a little more warp/movement might be better.
The dome in the distance is another Time Capsule (who knows what's in there.....


Interesting! Enjoyable, one wants to see more. Love that beginning with the lush landscape. The light works very well.


Love it.  Where's it going?   ;D
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


It's going nowhere actually. Just a test to see what I can do in animation.


Check this out, Ulco. Saw it on tv and immediately thought of this thread.


Very good Ulco, you've choosen right music too!


That's great, Martin. Mine isn't as sophisticated though :-[


Missed this one, very cool still Ulco