...on the Prairie (rework)

Started by choronr, August 25, 2012, 02:53:48 pm

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Had a lot of fun completing three images using 'AndyWelder's' tire tracks file - thank you Andy. Also, thanks to Walli, Klas, and Paul Gebhardt for the vegetation models used.

This first one is a rework of an image I posted here earlier.


Jo Kariboo

I very like this one choronr. It's not for me a waste of time.


I actually like this one rather well. Probably my favorite of the 3 you posted. The overall exposure is perhaps a bit dark, particularly the clouds, but the composition is nice, the tire tracks are pretty effective (though appear to be quite widely spaced), and the vegetation in particular has a good amount of variety and interest. The distance cliffs and mesas are also very evocative, reminds me of the high plains of Utah or New Mexico.

- Oshyan


I like upper half of the image very much. The lower part with the straight horizon I find not so interesting and the tracks just seem too wide and a bit unnatural this close.
I find something I really like in your images most of the time, but I havent' commented in the past few months and I must have missed most of them, as I am only occasionally coming here nowadays.
Best regards


I like this one best Bob, the clouds and sky are awesome, as is the distant terrain, but for me, the foreground has too few variations in populations and details...
not a waste of time anyway...


Hi Bob,

All three of the recent images are good if a bit flat with the lighting.  Don't be afraid to punch the strength of the lighting!


Actually, I'm rather drawn by the background part - that's a really interesting landform. I'm thinking you could do quite a bit with that.
- Cam


Very nice image..

Just 2 negative things i got to say about it. First.. the tracks look to big. If you make them thinner with less space between.
Other thing i reacted a bit on was the clouds. Way way bether than i can do, but did not look 100% realistic for some reason..
Might be its missing some soft thin clouds in the background. But other people in here is more qualified to comment on it..

But to end with somthing positiv... Very nice ground cover, and convincing mountains.


Thank you all. I didn't know anyone had commented on this since I forgot to check 'show replies' ...aging forgetfulness I guess.

I really appreciate the suggestions here. I had two choices of road track masks; should have used the other here which is far more realistic. That distant mountain is John Robertson's 'eroded cliffs' with much reduced height. I have another project going using it which hopefully will turn out better than this one.

Thanks again my friends, I really appreciate this!


Had to rework this one; shrunk the wheel tracks ...maybe too much - but then, just pretend they're tracks from a push cart.


It could be a little bigger (tracks) but I dont think they are too small.

Still needs more plants and color!
It has been eaten.


Thanks to you all. I'm done with this one; and, will have your ideas and suggestions in mind.