Auto save functionality?

Started by Wurby, August 30, 2012, 04:23:33 PM

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I would love one, or if there is one, where to find it. I've lost two or three set ups to TG2 as stopped working APPCRASHes.
I can't ever remember to save them while working on them.
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We will be looking at autosaving for a future version.

Can I ask what sort of crashes you've had? Were they during rendering or at other times? We're always interested to hear about crashes, especially if you can give us some idea of what you were doing prior to the crash.




Actually, generally my crashes have been from deleting either a shader or population after changing a lot of settings inside of it. in this case, I deleted a surface layer with a power fractal and image map shader sub layer.
Life's hard. Life's harder if you're stupid.