Started by FrankB, September 30, 2012, 07:32:54 AM

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Fellow Terragen friends,

Life is good for many of us. We have loved ones, families, homes, food and water in plenty supply. We at NWDA would like to share some of our wealth for a good cause, and primarily support suffering children, so that they can grow up in a better environment. Therefore, we at NWDA decided to to raise funds for the well known SOS Children's Villages International organization!

To make this a good deal for everyone:

NWDA will MATCH any donation you make to NWDA with a gift coupon for NWDA, worth 2 TIMES your donation amount!

So effectively, we are doubling your donation amount and give it back to you to in coupon value, to redeem for NWDA products.The initiative will be available between September 30st and October 6th.

100% of the raised funds will be donated by NWDA to SOS Children's Villages International !!!!

So to illustrate this again by an example:

1 - You donate e.g. 10 Euro (or however much you want)

2 - NWDA will create a 20 Euro NWDA coupon (2 x your 10 Euro donation)

3 - You redeem this 20 Euro coupon at NWDA during the checkout process

4 - NWDA will donate your 10 Euro (plus all other donations) to the SOS Children's Villages International organization on October 7th (when the initiative has ended)

Easy, and everyone wins!

Please note: the coupon generation might take up 48 hours. It will be sent to the email address you have used to make the donation through PayPal.

So please don't hesitate, and head over to http://www.nwdanet.com right now, and donate any amount you want. Even 1 Euro will help at least a bit!

Nevertheless, a few rules are necessary. Please read them below. We've tried to keep them simple.

Important: By making a donation during the NWDA Charity week September 30st to October 6th, you agree to the following rules.

There is a limitation to your macimum donation amount: Donations MUST NOT be more than 100 Euro per person. We are putting this upper threshold limitation in place because for higher amount donations, you might not be able to redeem the matched NWDA coupon with twice your donation value at the NWDA store, because the value of the coupon might exceed the value of the available products on the NWDA store. Donations over 100 Euro will be rejected and returned to you.
If you find yourself in the position that you cannot redeem your coupon in part or in full, because you already own some or all products, or all products you are interested in, you understand and agree that you cannot redeem the remaining coupon value in cash. You also agree that your donation will be added to NWDA's donation to the World Wide Children's Villages organisation nonetheless, even if you cannot or want not redeem your coupon in part or in full.
The coupon is valid for both private and commercial use licenses
We will only accept donations that have been made through the "Donate" button on the front page of http://www.nwdanet.com
All coupons will expire on October 31st. Please make your purchase before that date. Past October 31st the coupon codes will be invalid, and cannot be redeemed in cash, nor will donations be returned because of an expired coupon.
Coupons cannot be redeemed in cash or other valuables.
Coupons can only be converted once in one sales transaction. You cannot split the coupon value into multiple transactions. Make sure that all your desired products are in one cart before checkout!
All donations made on this website on and after October 7th will be regarded as normal donations to NWDA.


Good work NWDA folks! This is a wonderful and generous idea.

- Oshyan