Ponte Salario

Started by Dune, October 09, 2012, 07:44:12 am

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October 09, 2012, 07:44:12 am Last Edit: October 09, 2012, 07:46:33 am by Dune
I found some interesting images of a long gone Roman bridge, so I decided to make one. Hopefully it'll turn out nice enough for a 'romantic' Italian riverscape, with a road and all. Here's a premature test, I still have to texture the thing (a lot of work). I'll also post a painting of it, so you see how much work has to be done yet.


Interesting. Maybe it's just me, but the two artists seem to differ some on how massive the structure is in
comparison to their human figures. The scale in the painting seems easier to accept.


Well, that's what art is all about; making an impression, a statement. And the etcher probably wanted to impress viewers by his hugely impressive stone structure. The images differ in other aspects too, so I'll have to find a balance... make my own impression  ;). The building is quite finished now, so it's time for the ivy generator once again.....


looking nice already. I think it would be nice to UV map and create a bitmap based texture for that structure. Looking for your IVY now ;-)


I will... I did, Walli. This was just a quick procedural texture, without even UV'd. Now for some ivy, indeed. Any other ideas for additions or else to the structure, guys?


Impressive! I look forward to the final result.


j meyer

Nice model.
Some damage to break up all the clean edges would be an improvement methinks.
Keep going,J.


Damage is hard to inflict upon it, I'm afraid. And now that it's textured, I'm a bit reluctant; still being quite a novice in modeling. I don't want the poly count too high. Made some ivy just now, but still have to render a new one. That'll cover up a lot!

This is just for testing; my goal is a nice Italian landscape  ::)


Wow, very nice model there! Which program did you use?

And how did you setup the clouds for making such fog? :)


wow indeed!
...great mist/fogginess too!


Ulco, this is the best model *I* have seen from you so far! Its got some great details.

I think damaging it would be cool, but not at all necessary. If you are going to portray the structure in its own time, it would not show damage from age, but it would still be filthy. The old world was disgusting, dirty filthy  ;D But you have some dirt in there already and that looks real nice.

2 things...
It would be great, if you have the time and inclination, to also think about detailed human figures for the final composition. People would clarify scale perfectly! And also, I think that is the area of TG2 that has the least amount of topics. It would be nice to see some more ground broken on that subject.

And perhaps, rather than lots of mountains in the background, or any kind of big terrain, you could put some of you lower polly models in the background to form a village in the distance.

I have to say that I know TG2 is almost all about terrains, but the renderer is just so good and easy to use, it makes models look great!

I would also like to know more about your modeling in general.
It has been eaten.


Thanks, Michael. There's no rush in building this one as it's private, although I'm always in a hurry to see results  :-\  So I'm gradually building it up in Lightwave, pulling it through Poseray to weld vertices again and recalculate normals. There's a balcony with a roof that I'm not satisfied with yet. Wood at first, then red tiles, but as a texture, which turns out too flat. So I'm making some real tiles now. Maybe add some broken corner stones, if I can. Perhaps a chair and a bottle and some other small stuff. I'm no good at people.
Clouds are real easy, here's the tgd. Don't mind the absent obj's.


Roof change. There's also a chair and two glass bottles somewhere now.