Ponte Salario

Started by Dune, October 09, 2012, 07:44:12 am

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Thanks Henry. Well, I left the chapel out as it wasn't really an Italian style, but it would have been nice to have something there indeed. And I did make the dead ones, the branched ones in XFrog, the stump in Lightwave.


Its another good one Ulco, thanks for showing all aspects to the project.

QuoteHe's running after his father on the wagon, who forgot his lunch

He is never going to catch up! I would drop dead by the time I got to the top of the bridge because I smoke. Hmmmm a smoke sounds good to me now, so much for trying to quit.
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This is neat. There is so much going on here in this render.


One of a series of views to explore possibilities for an animation. But the road edge stonework needs adjustment for sure.

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C'est avec quel logiciel tu fais le b√Ętiment ?

With what software do you building ?


i want to make images like this when I grow up.

Henry Blewer

I think the road needs some wheel ruts also. Perhaps some larger rocks sticking up to jar the wagons...

This last render shows off your modeling very well.
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It is complicated as it is, so I don't think I'll add the wheel ruts, although it would 'only' be some extra warped thin lines used as masks. I did make the 'rut areas' of the road lower, as if they were worn by loads of wagons, and the finer ruts subsequently eroded a bit again. I think the rut area gravel needs to be a little finer, that's something easy to implement.

I do the objects in Lightwave, blabla. After a lot of trials and frustration I'm getting the hang of it (a bit).


I like the road as is. Just the edges need work... As you already mentioned. A little haze might be nice too, but thats just some back seat driving.
It has been eaten.



Yeah, like Hannes, just great work Ulco. Simply great work. Looking forward to see what you will do next.

If you're getting the hang of LW/modelling, why not try to export some nice TG cliff and model a castle or "cave houses" or suspended houses (fantasy/sci-fi like)?


I like the last one more Ulco. It looks very nice.
The only thing that i wanted to change would be the textures and or structures of the rocks on the 2 sides of the road.


That's exactly what I'll do, Kadri, Badger. And I'll make it a little hazier.

Good idea to keep in mind, Martin, but I'm extremely busy right now, so progress in TG is slow anyway.


A little hazier and some better roadsides. Good enough for animation I'd say. You can keep on going forever adjusting with these things (sigh)....


My 2 cents: stop there. It's beautiful and amazingly realistic.