My first render

Started by bebe onea, November 21, 2012, 05:06:20 AM

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bebe onea

Unfortunately I am not allowed to share the base elevation data with the comunity since the data is aquired within a cetain project. Only the final render.

bebe onea

continue with my last post.........
As far as I know you guys in the States have much better DEMs something like 10 meters resolution.
Just check with USGS. I remember I downloaded while ago some DEM from USA from USGS website and the resolution was very good.
As far as I know you have the best DEMs which are free for downloading. Check with USGS.


We do have 10m, and sometimes even 3m (or better!) data available *in the US*. But data outside the US is usually 90m at best. That's why the detail of your DEM was so very interesting. :)

- Oshyan