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Started by efflux, December 06, 2012, 07:10:45 PM

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Last file has been changed. I left a redundant node in for some reason.

mhaze, I looked at your file. That's cool. I noticed you used the altitude blend thing. I also noticed you use the voronoi to alter the terrain shape unlike in my render files on the other thread where I used it for very small stones. Both is fine.

I've had some ideas to try to make a file with a few different stones sizes but I haven't got that right yet. You're method is fine and looks good. I think these larger rocks should be quite spread out as large boulders. Just a feature here and there or the exact opposite, very close without any distribution other than altitude. When you start to be in-between they look a bit unnaturally evenly spaced so then you need the extra distribution.


mhaze, I made some alterations to your file. I changed the terrain so that the two altitude blended terrains had more relationship although it doesn't have to be this way. I made the voronoi on the terrain small. That then shows how the lower merged terrain blends in because it has no voronoi. Also, there was a problem with the small rocks because the voronoi diff and cell had different seeds. Those have to be the same seed. I also made the perlin distributor a bit bigger but some experiments could be done on what works as far as it's size.

The altitude blending can be problematic in some instances because it's so regular. It's best use is actually for shorelines but I'm looking into ways to deal with messing it up.



Thanks I hadn't noticed the seed issue.  It was not mean't to be artistic! just a test! but I like the changed POV, something I need to spend more time on in my work!

All in all a very useful little experiment, particularly for more extreme rock shapes.


I didn't try to improve the look much but I thought I'd add a proper atmosphere (just the default) and take a shot to show it a bit better because it has some useful combined things going on for people to look into. The rock files on this thread are a bit complicated and this needs more refinement but the terrain blending is quite easy and more people should try those things.


Feel free to modify my files anytime. every time you do I learn something ;)  Mick


Altering each other files is probably a good way to do things. It also saves a bit of work. Since you'd put some textures in that file and played with some of those altitude blend things, I decided to tweak it to try to show what I'd done with stuff in other threads but not put together. That way this file is good starting point even if you ignore the rocks technique. It doesn't look completely bare.

I'll probably not be using TG2 for a while now. I get masses of enthusiasm for a bit then eventually it fades because I start getting ideas for music or something else. It's best to just keep it this way rather than struggling on.

I've consolidated quite a few things in this TG2 stint which will feed back in next time I get into it.


Of course you guys must know how fun this is for all of us!  Thanks for experimenting in front of us you two!!
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Wow, amazing tutorial thread. I totally missed this as I was music-ing all that year and hardly online. Glad I remedied not knowing this stuff, tho I'll admit the blue nodes continue to baffle me. Thanks for all the brilliance folks!
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