Déplacement du terrain, image map.

Started by bla bla 2, December 11, 2012, 12:26:00 pm

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Interesting effect.

Makes me wanna scream: "Alien Sandcrawler ahead, watch out..!"  ;D
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It has been eaten.

Simius Strabus

It reminded me of the movie "Tremmors"  :)
Looks pretty cool! I did something like that with a cube formations some time ago.
Never posted it, maybe now I will. If I can find the project file.
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bla bla 2

Merci beaucoup, j'ai une idée du même genre en cours. :)

Thank you verymuch, I have a similar idea in progress.


Bonne idée. Maybe you should try something similar that comes towards the viewer and passes real close, from a low POV. Great effect.

Jo Kariboo

J'aime bien le premier vidéo. Bon choix sonore aussi. Je crois que tu pourrais en faire d'autres dans l'optique du premier. C'est original ce que tu as fait.