warning/error feature request

Started by TheBadger, January 30, 2013, 01:05:58 am

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When improperly naming a file to be saved out of TG2, the file will be created but at the end a error or warning will be given.

When saving out a terrain this can mean wasted time. Request that the warning be given when I click render instead.

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Hi Badger,

I don't understand the problem. Could you clarify it please?




Hi jo. Sorry for not detailing the issue. I was busy when I posted the note.

To reproduce the issue:

1) set up a terrain view for .obj export using the micro exporter as normal

2) In the micro exporter node window, in the top field named "name" type in a name and end the name in ".obj"
Then fill in the node parameters as normal.

3) Render.

The render should appear to process normally. But when it is finished and the terrain file is created you should get a warning/error.

I dont remember the wording now exactly, but error was something like, " cant do what you wanted, so I'm making you a .tgo, next time do it right"
Something like that  ::) Ill recreate it if you need.

The warning does not bother me. I have not exported a terrain in over a year and just forgot some details and was therefore a little sloppy in entering the parameters.
But why I posted this thread was because I thought it would be nice if warring errors popped up when I hit render, rather than after sitting through the entire render process.

Not a big deal. Just would be a nice thing to change if possible.

It has been eaten.